After the huge success of the first release made exclusively for Smashing Magazine, we give you the second release of "The Graphs"! With 169 vector icons "The Graphs 2" is the largest and the most flexible graph icon collection on the web.

The Power of Vector

This icon collection is ready for the future. With the power of Scalable Vector Graphics you can use these icons directly into your web pages.

169 High Quality Graph Presets

The Graphs 2 consists of 36 unique graph designs and many different variations. The complete 169 presets offer excellent initial choice.

Modify Them Anyway You Like

Change colors, re-size elements, replace objects, make adjustments, make new combinations. This icon collection is completely editable.

Use Them Anywhere You Like

Use The Graphs in your presentations, web designs, designs for print or use them any other way you like.

The Graphs 2 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

This icon collection is not for sale. It's available as a free download from this website.
If you payed for it you should get your money back.

Please notify us if you see any illegal sale of this icon collection on any stock website.

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